the tree of life is a mental concept trying to reflect existence in its totality -
a timeless tool for everyone to liberate your conscious soul as your butterflymirror of buddhanatureexistence.

we have different systems to describe reality, depending on the way we look at it: physics, chemistry, biological, social, religious concepts....

modern kabbalah is investigating on how to organize human mind/consciousness in order to be able to find coherency in all human experiences - so to say its a software for human biocomputer to organize itself.

we want to transform mind into a vessel to contain, to be able to work with consciousness.

or better said the other way round: we want to have mind as a tool so consciousness can work with it, use it, rely on it - be the master of it.
in order to use a computer we must first learn about its different parts and we must load and learn how to use the software.
the tool of loading software into human mind is education.
ordinary human education is based on the interests of the social-political system a person is born into and all over the world it lacks of wisdom, understanding and mostly it lacks of love too. we are not talking about a new -ism or a new religion - modern kabbalah is more something like tantra put on a philosophical level. At the most you could say its a moral concept for individuals of how to live in creative exchange, love and wisdom with oneself and one's surrounding as is nature and society.
we call a system a combination of symbols to reflect reality or a part of it. in order to work satisfyingly with a system in society, many must agree on the meaning or the content of the used symbols. we find many more or less good working systems on our planet at the monent like the chemical periodic system, mathematics, physics, social systems like democracy, we find numbers and letters and icons. yet any coherence between the inside and the outside is not visible - the missing link it seems has been found not yet. on the contrary the actual state of the world and society is reflecting a chaos, close to war - a chaos perfectly reflecting the inner state of human mind - a chaos of experiences and informations without any coherency (sense).

the real can only be experienced from the inside, beyond the mind, with a loving no-mind-like consciousness.

enlightenment is your birthright and nothing special reserved only for gurus.