the following formula of the alphabeth as represented through the table of correspondencies
has been received, found, released first in august 1982.
constant divinatory research on the subject ever since has fully proven its functionality.
In august 2008 it has been decided to publish on the worldwideweb for free private use.

History and faksimile of the first manuscript



in case of commercial interest please mind ©copyright.



time is eternal
poor dot - exisdance seems to be very limited..., doesn't it?

two dots get a breakthrough in realization -
though it looks like a limited  distance between the two -
- to look beyond each other shows the endlessness of this line.

and not only that - though there seems to be limitation by the defined direction -
they still get the goal of exactly relating to each other
even if this communion is done by free-quencing as a wave..

bound by the relation, but endless posibilities of ampli-tude -
even more: - though this amplitude might be bound to that line
moving along a plane  - not only this sheet of possibilities is endless
but as well the possibilities of sheets itself along the line is endless.

relating to another dot within any plane not only gives easy birth
to a deeper realization of endless sheet-space
but looking at each other's exisdance - relating in any way...
also gives birth to realization of room and unavoidably
through this  - birth of the forth dot we get unlimited threedimensional space
not only as a concept but real-ly.

as from the beginning, as on every else level we have two main stats
inside the dot : outside the dot
in between the two dots : beyond the dots             
            unlimited space inside the triangle : unlimited space outside the triangle             
*  inside the triangle : outside the triangle *
* inside the tetraeder : ouside the tetraeder *
and so on...
as you might discover - there's a quantumleap from one level to the other - generating a new, generally known as:
(something extracalidorilisticexplicalidacious is happening here -we'll pick up that theme later some time)


experience unavoidably leeds to intelligence and consciousness

so universe itself is intelligent and consciouss

its not in the first place necessarily important to know, how it came to exisdance or how it works scientificly
- on the contrary -
in going deeper into comprehending this process and progress
we can easily deduce its past (beyond BigBang) and its possible futures:

thats what we call cosmologik.

the rest is to be deduced.


lets  p l a y  being universe:

after thousands over thousands cycli of expanding and contracting, after thousands  over thousands

cycli of creating beautiful elements - life even - and helplessly seeing  again and again it being

destroyed , seemlingly within the nature of "things"? we finally found a way to expand all matter beyond

the limit where it would collaps again by its on weight..

so lights (suns) are burning down fast like candles, galaxis falling into black holes..., we came to

the conclusion : best we expand faster and faster, before its too late and we'd to have live in

darknesss again, impossible to collapse again -wuaah- please not.
why are we doing so?

as we exist, and obviously we are expanding into somewhere  -
only we know about it, is that it is expanding into some  kind of no-(ta)-thing -
its quite clear there must be more of us out there...
some expanding/collapsing - some in steady states - some expanding too - and so on (some might get it done to

bend themselves into themselves..?)

this is the only way to conqer nothing: we have to reach an other universe and melt -
we are growing into nothingness no longer by expansion, but we are conquering "space" / "time" by

melting with other universes.

like saopbubbles

i dare to proclaim that there must be a very "big" sort of "mother-universe" or kind of super-hive - a

big big big  and very "old" huge universae, which has already assumed thousands or even more "little"
thats the way we conquer nothingness.. not by being greedy an expanding as far as possible
(which only leads to no - where...)
 but in becoming stronger, more steady through melting. we start to settle in

nothingness , becoming a part of it, instead of fight with it.

so that is what we are saying, when we call it

endless nothingness (time&space),
endless light (energy),
 endless consciousness (experience):

Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur -

the so called spheres around / beyond exisdance, around /beyond the tree of life, around / beyond the universe,
around / beyond the solarsystem...
that is, how we try to describe not-thing.

a universe itself as a whole is not not-thing.

as above so below, as inside, so outside:
nothingness within universes is part of thingness' (inside)
the reversed process of expansion is gravity (the  nested need to cloque again)
dark matter and dark energy is the leftovers of the creational process from the beginning,

an expression

of universe-knowledge on an other level
than materia and light..
or maybe: dark energy is the upside down of the sucking power that pulls us into nothingness
anyway dark is what we don't know yet  - as well as we do not know much about no-thingness /

there is a force to balance the flight into no - where , keeps galaxis together on the way, balancing  the

draft /getting sucked into nothingness - so not to get torn apart.
because there's no help in burst or to leak or to get too far away from each other stars...

we get to melting with an other universe
we simply act  in order to survive!

our consciousness is capable of consieving / reflecting universe's consciousness / experiences / wisdom /

knowledge and love.

our inside/outside process is mirroring universe's process - universe's process / knowledge is mirrored through us (life)
within us (consciousness).

the inline global power  it is what we call love.
the power of make things happen it is what we call will:

love is the law, love yonder will

all is embedded in love - will is rather like a result of growth within that sea of love, rather  a natural

process coming through experience (see the beginning of this essay) - than a (seperate) force
on its own.

will can truly only "act" within love -  love acts through will -
besides its nature,
which is pure overflow.
love is will - will is love - cosmos and life is the realization of this tormoil process/progress.

human concept of love is more like what comes very close to reality, will yet very often lacks of


Love too sometimes, i have to admit, when its getting misused by the will (so called e-go). as well

love gets spoiled by the wish of results (misled will behind love).

may You behave free in both.

thats all what's it about:

loving without looking for results - giving shelter and safetyness, grace, elegance, generousness,

forgiveness,  - sharing insight,
acting according to love and not against it.
live happily yourself, provide happiness, safetiness, sufficient supply for others too,
stay wellminded towards the larvae -
they can't concieve the reality of butterflybuddhaexisdance.
behave carefully - not to provocate them or harm...
normally they don't see a danger in us - butterflys are living on nectar -
caterpillars on leaves - we don't need leaves, we don't eat leaves -
we flying in the air - larvae live on the ground -
not need to fight each other.

joyn us, come with us - open your mind, open your heart, open your eyes -
and good fellows you will see and find everywhere  
joyn to  establish whatever you deserve and don't be too greedy -  time is flying, yes - but