ideas, theories, philosophical systems like tarot, tantra, astrologik, i ging

have been invented to give rise to the human potential of consciousness.

intelligence, satisfaction, selfrealization, a life in love and luxury - enlightenment -

material, emotional and mental freedom is everyone's birthright.

any animal is allowed to live like this.


only humans impact on others.

everyone has to pretend to be someone else -

of cause this is the ideal structure for few to profit on expropriation of others and mother earth.

how rediculous.


never will anyone of them be able to stop a seed to sprout.

look into the heart of your mother and you might be able to understand how life on earth works.

the dinosaurus couldn't even percieve the mice - that was easy...

to overcome the enemies of the seed of intelligence to grow and bloom was not so easy...

...and still ultimate victory seems to be about 1500 years away...


in unsuspected corners of the forest you may find the treasures -

well protected, growing in ideal circumstances.

a castle of truth has been surrected there - never shall it be destroyed again.

the win will be of love and intelligence


dealing with the tree of life may free you from your mind and make you able to live in coherence with the deepest desires of your childhood heart.