"...the times - they are a changing..."

or: is earth really on the threshold of aquarian age?
well, if you may call dawn the threshold of the day, and,
let's say sunrise would happen at about 7.30am...
we see earth not at the equivalent of i. e. 6 o'clock,
but more like at about 3 or 4 o'clock - or even "5 past twelve".
Although from the astronomical point of view spring equinox
will be in aquarius in about 150 years -
establishing of an earthwide aquarian lifestyle will take at least 700 Years...

So how to interpretate the momentary state of humanity?

Every time you open your browser with the actual "news" - i. e. like bing..
you get a wide scope of signs worldwide....
not able to clue a Synchronicity within all? -
is it because a lack of concentration and meditation - mirrorlike consciousness, singlepointedness, being

balanced, being in "the middle", so that you still can't see...?

we dare or like to claim:
as with the launch of the new deep space observatory it will not take long to discover the

missing planet beyond pluto and neptun, which - due to abberations of their orbits has

already been mathematicaly deduced.
May be it should be called Phoenix.
Time to fullfill its orbit is estimated about 20.000 years
and it is supposed to have a very elliptic excentric orbit...
Looking at the underlying archetypical meanings ( <- see Jung's
scripts about "Synchronicity" and "Archetypes"), this "new planet" stands for:
Animals: dragon, lindworm, greif, sphinx, werwolf, bats etc. .
Feelings: (no)exit-panic, upset, fear of fears, gender-irritation.
Concepts: overcoming hirarchies, solutions beyond 1+1=2, AI,
overview taking over personal view (drones), www.,people claiming being an alien...
Appearance: gender-ism, denying facts,singular outraging, panic.
Effects: global change due to the switching effect of the upcoming results of the

scientific, medical, genetical and technical actual breakthrough, the realization of the

undeniable limits of earth's and humans' expropriation, space migration, life extension,

intelligence increase.
Human (subconscious) response/reaction to this breakthrough is not due to "the dawn of

aquarius", but deep archetypical knowledge of lifeforms an earth, which went through the

undergoing of this experience every ~~20tsd years, thousend times again&again during the

last 4'n' half billion years.
q. e. d.

"Just look at the prejudice and judgements of the mind as prejudice and judgements of the mind.

 Your consciousness beyond that. Awesome..."   RamDass