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we're looking for creators of new tarotcards:

in a psychedelic, multi-ethnic, romantic cyberstyle...etc......


Set of Tarot Cards¹ -The Lilith-Transformation-Tarot

Set of Tarot Cards² - The Tarot of Aquarian Age

Set of Tarot Cards³ - The Cosmic Fairy's Tarot

Set of Tarot Cards - The Dew Drop Tarot © ® 
 actually gathering:
Dew Drop Tarot
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Bianca Hrafninn



about the authors

These Tarot-Sets,  our children and guarded by its parents, heading the timeline of  The Work, passed on by our ancestors.

To fullfill their promise was not our choice - but a duty burden to our delight.

Discussion, improvement and project-orientated help is welcome.

However - public success is not likely to come before end of  this life,

money is already being saved to realize a printed version before after.


So may The Charriots remain undisturbedly ruling a' la bonheur before and after -

in order to eagerly fullfill the further revelation of Her Majesties of Heavens.

the authors



"we too regret further delays due to the fact that all work on the subject is done deliberately

and in spare time - besides the need of the involved artists to earn their living -

is has been decided without our influence to be published on the web for privat use already,

however a hundred percent concentration is put on the job and it's daily worked at to be soon completely finished,

we apologize for temporary fussy circumstances."

the involved artists

 ...we are open for anyone  interested to contribute to The Works....

#¹,#², #³ are not hosted yet, DewDropTarot ©  has landed.

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